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The No Menthol Sunday toolkit details this year's theme and contains templates, sermon topics, fact sheets, Zoom backgrounds activities and inspiration for your faith community event. Plus check our No Menthol Sunday Shared Resource Drive to download extras including PSA's, press release and coloring pages. This will be updated frequently until May 15. 

Social Posts & Captions

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Tobacco is killing our community, so no, we won't be silent on the issue. Banning mentholated tobacco is health justice issue for African Americans. Visit to learn more. #NMS2022 #NoMentholSunday

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Get in the ring, Champion! The tobacco industry has used African Americans to make millions for centuries, but it's time to fight back. Tobacco regulation starts with talking to your local legislature about needed policies and changes. Visit to learn how to start that dialogue. #NoMentholSunday #NMS2022

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Let's change the world for this #NoMentholSunday! Let your friends and family know how dangerous it is to use menthols. Help them find courage and resources to quit smoking. Let your local reps you support the FDA decision to ban menthol. Other strategies and resources can be found on, check it out! #NMS2022

More Resources

10 Days of NMS Activities

Not sure where to start? Grab this planning tool for a easy 10 day runway to No Menthol Sunday. This tool will guide you in using the toolkit and offer fresh ideas for observing the day that works best for your faith community.

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Church Announcement

Use this lively script to make a short announcement about No Menthol Sunday during your regular services.

Coloring Book

Engage children in #NMS2022 in real life with inspiring coloring pages developed by Milwaukee Black creative, Shami L. Plus grown-ups can enjoy some relaxation with adult coloring pages, too.

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Sermon Topics

You need look no further than the tobacco industry to understand why Paul warns young Timothy that the love of money is the source of all kinds of evil (I Timothy 6:10). In his letter to Timothy, Paul points out that some, in their thirst for money, have left their sense of goodness. He tells Timothy to run from such pursuits and to, instead, fight the good fight of faith (I Timothy 6:12).

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Youth Activity: Menthol in My Community

Find tobacco advertising in and around grocery and convenience stores, gas stations, smoke shops and near the cash registers. Look for menthol advertising in and around businesses. Check out the windows, walls and parking lots. Now grab your phones or cameras.

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We are all Sold Out this year! Thank you for your submissions. 

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